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Stefan's Dream

Stefan's Dream XII: Stefan's Wiki Leaks

Participating in KVSC’s 32nd annual Trivia Weekend


The secrets of Stefan’s victory last year revealed!!

Payola Scandal

Who are the MUSTACHE twirling villains who are trying to hire mercenaries to perform their basic trivia duties for them? It may SIGMA PHI NOTHING, but we’ve noticed some suspicious activity on the pay-for-research site Based on these screen shots that we acquired, one team (who may or may not be Sigma Phi) tried hiring these mercenaries back on January 22, 2011, setting a price of $35 for these online scabs to find the answer for them. This was followed up by another team (an unconfirmed source pointed the finger at Mustache) trying to take the lazy way out on February 5, 2011, following the precedent set by the first team by also offering $35. A third team upped the ante on February 6, 2011 by offering $36 for the answers. We put the question to you, dear reader, is this in the spirit of KVSC Trivia Weekend? Do I hear $37?

Scandalous Bathroom Invasion

Someone who is rumored to be involved with Trivia Weekend has found himself on the wrong side of the law, creepy style! All we can say is if you run into this guy, you’d better hope you’re not taking a bath at the time!

Trouble in Dieseland?

Based on this internal memo, allegedly leaked by a disgruntled PULL START DIESEL agitator, defections may be quite a clogged heater coil in their Trivia machine. Maybe they should have their alignment checked. For our part, we’ll keep bumping to Jock Jams!

Failed Infiltration Attempt?

Money can’t buy you love, as MUSTACHE apparently discovered. This scandalous “Mimegate” report, said to be acquired from a high ranking Mustache official, lays out a failed attempt at inter-team espionage. We hope the final draft ended up a little more polished. As for gaining access to Stefan’s secrets, better luck next time!

Celebrity News
Wedding bells for Natalie Portman and that guy from Die Antwoord? Evidence

Zoomdweebie Telegram

It’s a modern-day version of the Zimmermann Telegram. All we can say is, you ZOOMDWEEBIES better be careful while you’re investigating those two cup-loving girls!

A Little Paranoia to Go With Your Bacon?

Based on this internal guidance document allegedly from LEARNED PIGS AND FIREPROOF WOMEN headquarters, it looks like the folks on that team are a little superstitious about another team they are reluctant to discuss. The “Team-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named” sounds like quite the boogieman!

The Muffining

Shocking new documents have resurfaced allegedly from the HOUSE OF INSANITY in regards to the infamous “Muffining” incident of ’03. The intercepted transmission paints an even darker picture of what was already known to be a disastrous defeat. The map seems to be a new defense strategy that was implemented in response to the incident.

An Open Letter to D. Johnson

We’re sorry for the hard feelings. We’d like to open a dialogue, in good faith, to see if we can’t find middle ground. Because really, life is too short to hate.
Stefan’s Dream

Leaked photo of the Trivia Urn

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